Locum & Visiting Services Registration
We would love to invite doctors and health care institutes to join us to deliver the best healthcare opinion to the members of our communities. We would like to invite the government and the private sector to join us in improving health care for all.
By participating you will engage in improving medical knowledge and better patient care. Match with your availability

Please register and post available positions that you may have for the visiting faculty. Offer the visiting faculty and your faculty an opportunity to exchange knowledge to improve patient outcomes and learn new skills. Medical students will have the opportunity to ask questions and benefit from attending symposia.

Please browse, register and learn about available positions. On your visits to Pakistan you may use some of your time to help others. Now Doctors may expand their services to anyone in the world. Please sign in and enter your data including charges. You will be able to expand your patient access. Increase your revenue by seeing cash paying patients

Patients when seeking non emergent medical opinion may register and access a doctor of your choice. You will be able to make an appointment for consultation.

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