The purpose of Doctors for Pakistan is to provide forum to expertise in healthcare who are interested to improve health delivery and patient care for better patient outcomes.

Doctors for Pakistan bring to you the latest health care information on issues of importance to everyone. We have over five decades of medical practice experience in health delivery, health policy and patient care in different countries such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

Doctors for Pakistan is here to assist you in making responsible choices among the maze of data available on the Internet. There is no commercial bias and improving health of population is the main object. We expect and hope that information provided would enhance knowledge to make informed medical decision that is best for your health, obtain the best care and meanwhile help change the health policy to improve healthcare for all. We give you information how poverty and pollution may decrease your chances of healthy living and deprive you from living a long life.

We would love to invite doctors and health care institutes to join us to deliver the best healthcare opinion to the most vulnerable population. We invite government and private sector to join us in improving health for all.

Nationwide overviews of measures such as Infectious and Chronic Diseases, Premature Death, Family Poverty, Unemployment, MVA and Violent Crime

Urgent need to tracking data.

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